GetThere - New features

Version 1.4.1
New Ukrainian translation

Version 1.4
"Bus mode" - new feature in settings: "Short announcements when riding in a vehicle".
You can tap on GetThere notifications.

Version 1.3.14
This version fixes a bug with speech recognition in Android 12.

Version 1.3.10
Bug fix: GetThere continues to speak when the screen is off

Version 1.3.8
Bug fix: speech and speech recognition work correctly in Android version 10

Version 1.3.7
Street announcements can include the current city
Can use up to 3 maps together
Alarms continue in effect the next time you start the app

Version 1.3.6
Bug fix: setting to choose TTS engine

Version 1.3.5
Bug Fix: download maps

Version 1.3.4
New Hungarian translation
New dialog for choosing a file for GetThere places